Buxus / Box Hedging

Hedges can be regarded as a fence, space dividers or secreting functional areas. The simplest hedges have smooth sides and a flat top, undercut at right angles. This can be achieved without difficulty helping each long board, level and plumb masonry.

For low hedges or borders discount most commonly used and recommended plants are slow-growing and one of them is b buxus. Hedges require at least once a year, cutting the best time for pruning is summer, it may be the end of June, when the end is the main growth. Later buxus has been growing less and next spring should keep the hedge in the form in which it formed. Remember to regularly clean the ground under the hedge, remove weeds and grass.

Bukszpan żywopłot

Rejuvenation of the hedge

Hedges often have to cordon off the property from the neighbors. Buxus are perfectly fulfilling this role. Just be properly nurtured, to be able to enjoy the dense and beautiful hedge. From time to time to make the cut candling. To do this, cut the ground a few old canes and thus provide more light into the young branches.