How to make topiary from buxus

Buxus is a plant that is ideal for creating three-dimensional sculptures, which are topiaries.

Through regular undercutting shrubs, you can get a variety of shapes, limited only by the imagination of the gardener. Prior to the creation of valuable topiaries you have to make sure if your soil conditions are conducive to proliferation of buxus. The next step is planting, regular watering and fertilizing plants. It is recommended to undercut buxus three times during the year, which should take place in the period from April to August. Time to wait for the final effect depends on the size and shape of the coveted topiaries. Buxus can tolerate almost any kind of cut. It can be formed into globes, cones and other figures. It is important to start trimming still young plants, as buxus gets intolerant to cut as the old tree. It is reducing the cycle only young and still green. This is best to be done in late June, when the main growth of the plant is happening.

Cutting the spherical form of the blade should be set so as to be displaced smoothly over the surface of the sphere. If you are not sure whether the globe is formed enough, leave enough slack and move up to assess the effect of their work. Before trimming it can be spread on the ground cloth on which the cut piecec will fall down. This way you can clean them very quickly and accurately thereby preventing various diseases.

Buxus topiary

Caring of Buxus topiary

Topiaries of buxus do not require intensive care. Grow well in both full sun and partial shade. Topiaries need, however, fertilization and watering. A suitable amount of mineral granules may provide long decomposing in the soil. Formed carvings of buxus should cut it once a year, in the spring. If you have topiary in pots, it becomes extremely important to their regular and abundant watering, without which plants turn yellow and lose their leaves.