Planting buxus borders

Buxus is a plant which can be formed in a short time, creating alleys and borders, surrounding other plants. Buxus compositions in the form of a low and compact rims, should be planted in a different way than hedges. The key issue is the density of planting, placed in two or three rows of grooves dug into the ground. The distance between the seedlings should be 15 to 30 cm. Setting the shape of the rim of boxwood, can assist the string stretched between the cones.

Trimming borders of boxwood

While forming a rim of buxus you cannot forget about the regular undercut, which is especially important in the initial period of growth. To stimulate plants to intense increase in size, the first pruning should take place in the spring, when the risk of frost is small. Then reduce the value of unruly branches in late June, and the last amendments should be done before the start of autumn, in late August and September.